Rallying in D.C.

United to Love, August 12

A sturdy group from the Kittamaqundi Community Church traveled to downtown D.C. Sunday.  There we gathered alongside people of faith on the one year anniversary of the events of Charlottesville.  As white supremacists prepared to demonstrate in Layfayette Square across from the White House, we joined 1,500 people on the lawn in front of the Capitol for the United to Love Rally hosted by The Baltimore-Washington Conference of The United Methodist Church. Several speakers noted the Rally’s location next to the National Museum of the American Indian as they decried our nation’s ongoing legacy of systemic racial oppression.

We stood in solidarity and love, then made our way to Freedom Plaza, where hundreds were gathering to march. Next we walked to  Layfayette Square just as members of Black Lives Matter were marching south toward the Square. At one point, several police vans u-turned in front of us. We later found out that they contained the 24 or so members of the Alt Right.

Before our arrival, Baltimore-Washington Conference Bishop shared the following convicting sermon on the Mall for the United to Love Rally.

Bishop Latrelle Easterling’s Sharing

“God desires an offering of the heart, an outward expression of an inward transformation to do justice, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with our God. God desires action, the doing and not just the uttering. God desires our righteous conduct. God desires that we live our faith and activate our spirituality for the the common good. God desires a heart that lives for others and not self.”

We are here because we believe in love. unity the sacredness of all creation. We are here because we are united to love as people of faith, as people of all faiths, we need to heed the teachings of Father Richard Rohr and meet one other at our ‘deepest experience of God.’ As we meet then in this holy circle, we must be willing to live our faith out loud, unashamedly claim the moral center of our traditions and practice justice, practice mercy, practice humility, practice peace, practice civility, practice inclusivity, practice the truth that all men and women are created equal…We who believe in freedom cannot rest.”



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