Preparing to Rally

Rev. Sekou and The Seal Breakers’ Tiny Desk Concert 


I met Rev. Sekou ten years ago on a Midwest faith bus tour. I had been hired to drive a van to follow a charter bus of pastors and prophets housing the likes of Walter Wink and Jesse Jackson. He wouldn’t remember me, but with a Tiny Concert like this, you’ll likely find Rev. Sekou as unforgettable as I do. Rev. Sekou’s Southern flare and social fury have my soul stirred on what was to be a sleepy Friday night. The litany of black lives of “Bury Me” and Rev. Sekou’s remembrance of Charlottesville haunts us in expectation of August 12–when Unite the Right will rally in Washington, D.C.

Rev S4

I don’t know if Rev. Sekou will be in D.C. that day, but a number of people of faith will be gathering. Consider joining the United to Love Rally August 12 

“The United to Love Rally will stand as an alternative to the hatred, but it will also be much more as people of faith claim and share God’s love, peace and justice. We feel compelled to raise a prophetic voice challenging the climate of distrust, distortion of truth and fear, shifting the conversation to our common future.”

United to Love


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